Call Center Software Fidelity

Software Call Center Fidelity
A consolidated customized solution.


The Fidelity software is installed on a server at the client premises, it interacts with the PBX via SIP and CTI Technology, and it includes a powerful IVR engine for routing inbound traffic, playing of vocal guides, and managing waiting queues.

The basic package includes agent and supervisor applications, as well as a reporting and statistics package.

Fidelity has been designed for call centers and for customer care departments of companies which receive a large number of calls and need to reduce costs and optimize internal resources.

The ultimate contact center software for companies constantly on the move.
Turnkey packaged solution with a variety of expansion and customization options.

In addition to the standard modules, a catalog of optional features and functions is available
to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

Standard Features

Supervisor Module

This module displays all the relevant information concerning the activity of the call-Center: queue and agent status, calls waiting, and quality of service. The supervisor has access also in real time to a summarized status of agents in any group: time on-line, time on break, and time in conversation.

Reports & Statistics Module

The reports and statistics module provides complete analysis of calls received, attended, and missed, sorted out by agent, by group, or for the entire contact center. It provides also statistics of chat and emails and agent’s activity and productivity. Reports may be printed, automatically sent by email and exported to a number of formats such as: Excel, PDF, TXT…

Agent Module

The agent module is a Windows or web-based application running on the agents PC. The software allows agents to easily and efficiently log-in and log-out in the system, view waiting calls, chat with supervisors or other agents, enter and exit break mode, control the phone and record calls on-demand.

IVR Module

The built-in IVR module allows to manage and distribute calls waiting on the queues for the different groups, and to plays greeting and patience messages for calls in queue. It is connected to SIP extensions of the telephone system (optionally to analog ports). The recommended numbers of ports depends on the expected traffic and on the average number of calls per agent waiting in queue.

CRMP Pop-Up Module

Fidelity Call Center solution may also enable popping-up the CRM file so that the agent has all the information available for optimal call attention (may require the optional “CRM integration” module).

Web based Forms Module

This module enables the creation of Web-based scripts, forms and questionnaires, totally adapted to the specific needs of each customer and displayed as popup on the Agent’s screen with all the information required to properly attend the call.

Optional Features

Dashboard Module

The Wallboard module displays the most relevant information about the call center activity and the Quality of Service. The Wallboard module is a browser-based application suitable for large wall-mount displays, supervisor stations and mobile devices. Analytical and cumulative data are shown and updated in real time.

Social Media Module

Integrate social media as a new communication channel and manage smarter and faster conversations across social networks.Customers can contact an agent and chat in real time from the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the company. Chats are automatically distributed to the most adequate available agent.

Call Back from web

Enables people looking at the customer website to request a call-back by an agent by just pressing a “call-me-back” button on the web page and entering a phone number.

Integration with CRM

Fidelity may be integrated with CRMs, ERPs, and proprietary software applications developed by the customer. Integration may be used to identify the contact and transfer the call with the right priority to the most appropriate agent, or to pop-up the customer file on the screen answering the call for optimal call processing.

E-mail Distribution

Allows the intelligent distribution of email messages to the different groups of agents and a comprehensive follow-up of all the emails received.
The emails arrive at a single address and are distributed to the most adequate available agent according to specific keywords within the subject or the text of the email, or according to email origin and destination.

Automatic Call Back

Offers the caller the possibility to exit the waiting queue and to request a call-back.
While waiting in the queue, a message informs the caller about the possibility to stop waiting and be called by the first available agent.
Additionally, all the missed calls can be also called-back automatically.

Post-Call Survey

This option automates the process of post-call telephone surveys to measure quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Post-call survey results are stored in Excel format together with data of the customer and of the agent for later processing.

Chat Module

Enables customers to contact an agent and chat in real time from the web site they are currently looking at.
This module opens an immediate and convenient communications channel between the company and its potential customers.

Click to Call

The click to dial feature enables users to make outgoing calls from the CRM form currently on the screen by simply pressing the dial button. This option is delivered as a web service to be invoked by a button programmed on the CRM.

Combine Fidelity with Recall

Call Recording Module

Fidelity provides a wide range of recording solutions for any types of lines and extensions and allows massive recording, selective recording per agent, group or client, and on-demand recording from the Agent & Supervisor modules.


Combine it with Telemarketing

Outbound calls module

Designed for carrying out outbound call campaigns using automatic dialing (in Preview, Progressive or Predictive mode) and intelligent forms processing. Fidelity Telemarketing generates a large number of calls to potential customers and contacts, taking their numbers from an existing data base.

Warnings & Alarms
When exceeding maximum wating time, maximun on-call or on-break time.
Pauses & Wrap up time
Customizable pauses with preset duration, individual wrap-up time.
Web access & Free Seating
Allows agents and supervisors to connect from any location.
Mensajes y música
Welcome & Patience messages, music on-hold customizable by queue and position.
Intelligent call distribution
Longest idle time, skill based, same agent, urgent / forced transfer.
Agents Skills
Multi-goup, Skill based distribution with different levels of priority.

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