Software CallXpress GO
Call logging and Analysis

CallXpress is the ideal tool for the management of the telephone traffic in your Company.

Its powerful graphic capabilities, its web architecture, and its wide range of reports will allow you to optimize the analysis and the billing of the telephone traffic in your company.

It is adapted to any kind of organization, from SMEs to larger companies, public entities, and multi-site installations.

El software Call Center ideal para los modelos de negocio en constante desarrollo.
Solución llave en mano combinada con la opción de ampliación de módulos y desarrollos a medida.

In addition to the standard modules, a catalog of optional features and functions is available
to perfectly adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

Standard Features

Real time graphics

CallXpress GO offers a dashboard-type display which shows in real time analytical information about the last calls of the day:
number of calls per hour, cost per hour, most expensive calls, etc.


Detection of suspicious events, such as calls above a certain cost or duration, calls to a forbidden destination... Every time such an event is detected, CallXpress GO sends an email to the system administrator, or any programmed address.

Reports and statistics

CallXpress GO generates a broad range of reports enabling a full analysis of the telephone traffic of the Company. All the reports may be obtained on the spot, or may be scheduled, and sent by email to a programmed address.

Management of flat rates

Once the traffic on the trunks reaches the authorized number of minutes for the specified time period, CallXpress GO sends an alert by email, so that the supervisor may take the appropriate action.

Missed calls

It displays all the incoming calls unattended, and shows:
Date and time, extension number, as well as the origin number and origin name if available.
Search filters may also be applied.

Analysis of stored data

CallXpress GO incorporates a kind of “programmable dashboard” of historical data divided in four windows where the following information is displayed: telephone expense, total number of calls, most expensive calls and calls by category.

Optional Features

Call back unanswered calls

Each extension owner is notified when he/she has received a call in his/her extension and the call has not been answered. The notification may be performed in 2 different ways: selecting the “Missed Calls” icon in CallXpress GO software or by email sent to the email address associated with the specific extension.

Credit limit for extensions

it allows setting up call limits per extension (duration or cost during a given time period). When those limits are exceeded, no new calls may be made from the extensions concerned.
It is possible to refill the credit of an extension, and to view the current status of all the extensions (locked or unlocked).

Discover CallXpress GO Cloud

Cloud traffic analysis

CallXpress Cloud allows the customer to analyze and manage his telephone traffic without any effort and without installing any software at its premises. It sends reports by email on a weekly or monthly basis and includes a variety of additional services.


Discover CallXpress GO Hotel

Traffic analysis for hotels

CallXpress Hotel handles surcharges for calls made from guest rooms, and offers Check-in and Check-out options. Integration with PMS software packages may be handled in Project mode and on a case by case basis.

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Real time monitoring
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