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Fidelity Telemarketing
A consolidated customized solution.


Fidelity Telemarketing Software automatically generates calls to contact lists, follows up campaign progress (calls made, answered, and pending) and to store the data obtained.

Different types of dialing methods are available: “Preview” in which the call is started at the agent’s request, “Progressive” for automatic dialing without agent intervention, and “Predictive” which eliminates waiting times and improves agents’ output.

It also offers "Multi-progressive" dialing, which optimizes agent’s efficiency and reduces to completion time of the campaign.

The ultimate contact center software for companies constantly on the move.
Turnkey packaged solution with a variety of expansion and customization options.

In addition to the standard modules, a catalog of optional features and functions is available
to perfectly adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

Standard Features

Supervisor Module

Fidelity displays in real time the progress of all the campaigns and the status of the agents. It allows you to create new campaigns and modify existing ones, easily, quickly and intuitively. The supervisor can see the pending contacts, those programmed for today, the postponed calls for a later date and time, and the ones already finalized with their respective results.

Web Forms

Fidelity is delivered with an intuitive and powerful tool which enables the creation of Web-based scripts, forms and questionnaires totally adapted to the needs of each specific customer in order to help agents handle outbound campaigns. These forms gather all the contact information as well as the result of the conversation.
Fidelity forms are dynamic, they evolve as the conversation develops according to the replies of the called party.

Preview Dialing

The agent decides when to generate the call, once the contact data appear on the screen. The call is initiated by a simple click. This method may require a greater involvement from the supervisor in order to control the activity of the

Agent Module

It's a web-based application running on the agents PC, allowing agents to start a session (login), view call data, and control the phone from the PC. The available data are: the campaign name, the dialed number, and the name of the called party when known. Telemarketing offers a pop-up with the call data, as well as a form or a script to guide the agent during the conversation.

CallBack Strategy

Fidelity does not give up easily on any contact and retries several times to obtain a reply and maximize chances of success. Callback strategies are based on three different parameters: number of trials, time period and calls deferred for a programmed date and time.

Progressive Dialing

In this dialing mode, calls are made automatically from the agent´s phone while the contact data appear on the screen. The conversation is directly established as soon as the called party answers the call. A specific wrap-up time between calls may be programmed for each agent.

Reports and Statistics

All the data may be exported during the campaign in order to get preliminary results, or once the campaign is completed in order to get final results.
The statistics package provides a comprehensive analysis of the calls, sorted out by campaigns and time intervals, and enables measuring the efficiency of the agents and the success rate of the campaign.

Import and Export

Fidelity Telemarketing incorporates a tool for data import and export. The procedure is simple and may be carried out before, during or after the campaign.

Optional Features

Call Recording

Fidelity integrates smoothly with the Recall family of call recording solutions for any environment and type of recording: permanent, selective or on-demand (agent/supervisor), for internal and external calls and on any type of lines or extensions.

Predictive Dialing

In predictive dialing mode, calls are initiated from a group of extension dedicated to this task. A smart algorithm decides when to start dialing each contact based on recent statistical information like: average call duration, average call setup time, and number of active agents. It may happen that some calls are answered and that no agent is available to take them.

CRM Integration

Fidelity may be integrated with CRM and ERP applications to show customer data on the agent’s screen and provide all the necessary information to properly handle the calls. Advanced integration projects may allow the exchange of contact information and call results between Fidelity and the CRM software.

Multi-progressive Dialing

Similar to predictive dialing but calls are initiated only when agents are available. This mode does not make any prediction about future availablity of agents and ensures that a large proportion of the calls are atended, with a more efficient use of the agent’s time.

Virtual Agent

Fidelity provides with another way of improving your call center profitability. Outbound calls may be initially handled by virtual agents that play a message when the call is answered, receive and store the customer replies, and when needed, transfer the call to a human agent.

Combine Fidelity with Recall

Call Recording Module

Recall provides a wide range of recording solutions for any types of lines and extensions and allows massive recording, selective recording per agent, group or client, and on-demand recording from the Agent & Supervisor modules.


Combine it with Fidelity

Inbound calls Module

Fidelity is an ACD and contact center solution aimed at improving telephone call handling and social media, increasing customer quality of service, and providing real time and historical information.

CRM Conector
To automatically display the customer file on the agent screen.
Automatic retries
Programmable date and time, customizable at the agent level..
Several campaigns, scripts & forms handled at the same time.
Predictive dialing
Higher volume of calls and optimized usage of the ressources.
Data Import
From any OLE DB source and export of results.
Web-based forms
Customized scripts, campaign forms and questionnaires .

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