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Fidelity – A consolidated customized solution
Improves telephone attention and quality of service, providing full statistical information on the activity.


Why choosing Fidelity?

Handles more calls with fewer agents
Attends and distributes efficiently large numbers of calls with fewer agents.

Reduces the number of lost calls
Improved handling of calls in queue, waiting time, status of agents.

Increases productivity
Improved number of attended calls, e-mails, chats and messages received via social networks.

Monitors agents activity
Monitoring of Calls and Results through Real Time Displays and Statistical Reporting Package.

Optimizes costs and resources
Improved agent time and productivity thanks to built-in multichannel management.

Improves service level
Faster call handling with customized welcome messages and a personalized and smart attention.

Wallboard, Supervisor screen
and Reports Module

Display all the relevant information concerning the activity of the call-Center: Queue and Agent Status, Calls Waiting, and Quality of Service.

The supervisor screen allows interaction with the software: assign agents and priorities to the different queues, force transfers using drag and drop, chat with an agent, hear or record conversations, and Access the Reports Module which provides full statistics such as calls received, answered, and lost, sorted out per agent, per queue, or for the entire call-center.


Agent Pop-up, Forms and CRM Integration

The agent application is used for login and logout, viewing waiting calls, chat with the supervisor or with other agents, and record calls on-demand.

The agent pop-up screen may be associated with an interactive form in order to improve interaction with the customers through customized scripts.

As an alternative, Fidelity may be integrated with CRM applications to display the customer file on the agent screen.

Fidelity – 100% compatible with the most CRM softwares in the market.
To know who is calling before answering the phone and to have all the customer details at hand.


What else do I get with Fidelity?



Record interaction with customers. Prevent and resolve disputes

Integration with
CRM software

CRM screen pop-up on the agent's PC. Customer Identification


Monitoring customer satisfaction. Quality of Service evaluation


Combined management of emails and calls. Resource optimization


New communication channel via the web

Based on state of the art SIP and CTI technologies, it provides the call-center supervisors with all the relevant information in real-time, for management and resource optimization. Fidelity attends and distributes large call volumes, reduces lost calls to a minimum, and optimizes costs and internal resources.

Fidelity Cloud

SaaS mode of Fidelity. The software and the data are in the cloud, and customers pay a monthly fee according to the number of agents, supervisors, ports, and on the additional options. Login of agents and supervisors is done via web, and activity reports are accessed via web or sent automatically by email.

Fidelity Telemarketing

Application designed to create and manage telemarketing campaigns. Automatically generates a large number of calls to contact lists, with real-time follow-up of each campaign (calls made, answered and pending). Results are stored on a data base for later processing if necessary.


Fidelity Social Media
Facebook and Twitter messages management

It allows the agent to receive, manage and respond effectively Facebook
and Twitter messages (tweets) in the same Contact Center interface.


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