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CallXpress – Total Control of your telephone traffic
The most innovating traffic analysis and call billing solution in the market

¿Worried about any of these questions?

I am loosing calls ? I am attending calls properly ?

Is my telephone infrastructure properly dimensioned ?

Can I cut my telephone expenses ?

Is anybody making abusive or fraudulent use of my phone ?

Which contacts are on my Hit Parade list ?

Can I make my staff more efficient ?

CallXpress provides solutions

Hit Parade: To know which contacts are called or calling most frequently, and which extensions are talking the most.

Quality of Attention: To know response times, lost calls, and times of trunk saturation.

Call reports: To get details and totals of calls per extensions, departments, trunks, and account codes.

Analytical reports: To know the evolution of telephones expenses over a period of time, and identify peak and low traffic times.

Alarm System: To be immediately informed by email about suspicious or meaningful events, like calls to unauthorized destinations, calls above a certain duration or cost, and long periods of time without traffic.


Control internal and external calls of companies of any sector and size through a wide range of reports and graphics. The software is installed on a physical or virtual server at the customer site, and is accessed through any web browser.

CallXpress Cloud

CallXpress supplied in SaaS mode. The software and the data are on the cloud, and the customer pays a monthly fee in order to get automatically a number of weekly and monthly reports by email, and to access the software and the data at any time through a web browser.

CallXpress Mobile

Controls the traffic generated by the mobile phones of the Company. The software is user centric and consolidates the expense and the traffic of the fixed and mobile phone of each user. Also available in SaaS mode.

CallXpress Hotel

Provides Billing and Management features to hotels, hospitals and old age homes, including the possibility of sending data to the PMS.